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Ancient Egypt

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Columns of an Egyptian Temple
Columns of an Egyptian Temple

Egypt was a powerful ancient kingdom along the Nile River in Africa and one of the first human civilizations. It reached high levels of learning and achievement earlier than most other civilizations, and built monuments and pyramids that still inspire awe and wonder today. Its origins are obscure, going back to before recorded history.

The native Egyptian name for their country was Qem-t, meaning "black", referring to the soil. The English name for Egypt derives from the Ancient Greek word for the country, which is of uncertain origin. The kingdom of Egypt varied in extent over the centuries but it was always centered around the narrow strip of fertile land on both sides of the river Nile. It extended from the marshy delta where the Nile empties into the Mediterranean sea, southward to the first cataract at Assuan, though sometimes its rule extended even farther south. Egypt also at times ruled over the Sinai peninsula, Palestine, and parts of Syria, depending on its fortunes in war. The Golden Age of ancient egypt was the period known as the Old Kingdom  Read More...

Tutankhamun - "King Tut"

History of Egypt

The ancient Egyptian civilization lasted an incredibly long time, reaching back into human prehistory. Before other humans had discovered agriculture or metal working, Egyptian civilization had already built the Pyramids, and created a complex organized society that withstood the test of centuries.

The Sphinx and the Pyramids of Egypt

The Pyramids

The pyramids are the iconic symbol of Egypt. Their meaning and the secrets of their construction have been the subject of debate for centuries. Here you can learn about how the pyramids were built, and why.
The Egyptian Religion Was Characterized by Massive Temples
The Egyptian Religion Was Characterized by Massive Temples

Egyptian Religion

Religion and belief in the afterlife were very important to Egyptian society. The Egyptians believed themselves to be the guardians of the great Gods, and that their Pharaoh was the son of the supreme deity Ra. They believed that they would be judged for actions on earth and that their good and bad deeds would be weighed in a scale by the gods of the afterworld, and whether they had done good or evil would determine their fate in the afterlife. Their beliefs in the afterlife led the Egyptians to build the Pyramids, vast tombs for their kings, and to preserve their dead as carefully prepared mummies. Read More...

Egyptian Monuments

Organization of Ancient Egypt

Egypt was organized into Upper and Lower Egypt, and into smaller units called nomoi. These administrative units were responsible for drawing up troops of manpower to serve the Pharaoh. The land was administred by a caste of scribes, Voices of the King, whose job it was to catalogue and organize the resources of the kingdom. Read More ...

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

The daily life of the average ancient Egyptian was surprisingly comfortable. Most egyptians worked the soil, and in their leisure time enjoyed music, games and entertainment that we would still recognize today. Read More ...

The Gods of Ancient Egypt
The Gods of Ancient Egypt

Gods of the Egyptians

The Ancient Egyptians were described by many contemporary authors as the most religious people on earth, and for good reason: every aspect of Egyptian life was interwoven with religious ritual and symbolism. The Ancient Egyptians, like all ancient peoples except the Israelites, believed in multitude of gods, and has a very complex cosmology and often paradoxical system of legends. Read more ...

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